Cozy and CHIC! The CHICago Tee and Overalls

Last week while I was out playing with my dog I had my husband snap a few photos of me in my new and slightly updated CHICago tee. With my first order of the CHICago tees, I was very happy with how the logo came out on my tees but something wasn’t quite right. So, I took a few weeks to think about how I really wanted my CHICago t-shirts to look and I made a few slight changes.

Yay! My new and improved CHICago t-shirt!


First, I made the logo a little smaller on the tees so the print would come out even better. For this style of tee, I don’t think you need the lettering to be really large. Then I did some more research on fabrics because I really wanted a softer and cozier fit tee. I order a few test tees and I finally found one that I love! I order a few samples of my CHICago tee and it came out perfect! I am now very happy with the updated look and I really hope that you guys will like it as well.

As always with everything on AUDREY PAMELA I want the quality to be great and accessories and apparel that I really wear. Since I updated my tees I’ve been wearing them so much more. I thought my CHICago tee looked really cute with my overalls. Comfy but still Chic!

What do you think of my updated CHICago t-shirt? If you like the new look you can shop it here!

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